About Me


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I have been in love with computers and technology for as long as I can remember. I still vividly recall my first system, an old Texas Instruments TI99/4A, where you actually had to insert huge cartridges to play vintage games like Dig Dug, Space Invaders, and Popeye. Later, my family bought an Apple IIe where I learned to program games and productivity tools in a language called BASIC. Fast forward through the years, past 2400 baud modems, pre-Internet places called Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), Prodigy, America Online, and finally to building web pages on sites like Geocities. I was hooked.

Professionally, while I started out in IT leading development teams, I eventually branched out to client facing leadership roles to grow my business acumen. I have been promoted multiple times and received awards for performance and innovation.

Having experience as a leader in both business and technology gives me an advantage over others. Not only can I understand and help solve my client’s problems, but I can actually code and implement the solution as well.

So, enough about me. How can I help YOU?